November 19, 2009

Sysomos Heartbeat 2.0 released

It’s a shiny, real-time monitoring and metrics tool for social Web


photoChris AbrahamBack in May, I wrote about a demo presentation I had received from Sysomos and called their new technology alien technology, because it looked like the kind of cool stuff you see in science fiction movies set in the 22nd century.


A few days ago, I got a follow-up presentation from Nilesh Bansal, Sysomos CTO and Co-Founder, in anticipation of their release of Heartbeat 2.0, “a cost-effective, real-time monitoring and measurement tool” for the social Web. Not only is the technology still really cool, but the interface is incredibly clean, visually appealing, and pretty easy to use.

Nilesh said the company worked closely with clients who had signed on for Heartbeat 1.0, listening to their feedback about what the product needed to improve and incorporating those things, such as how data is presented and improving the workflow module.

I need to dig in more and take a deeper look around, but so far I’m pretty impressed. I am especially interested in Nilesh’s claim that the results you get are spam-free, since I’ve noticed in other products that one has to wade through a fair amount of garbage or, worse, good results have been eliminated as spam (including stuff from Marketing Conversation -– egad!). Check Heartbeat 2.0 out for yourself.

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