November 5, 2009

Highlights from ad:tech New York 2009

David SparkI just finished up my second day of reporting at ad:tech in New York for ad:tech, a conference about the digital side of the advertising industry. The event happens ten times a year all over the world and I last reported on the event for ad:tech in San Francisco.

At this year’s New York conference I saw many of the same things I’ve seen at ad:tech over the years, and that’s ad networks. I believe they’ve been there since day one of this conference and they’re never going away. They’re the bread and butter of the business.

I was more interested in what’s trending and at this show I saw a really big push towards businesses generating revenue from content. Advertisers are slowly realizing they need to be media companies as well, but not wholly. In fact, there’s a symbiotic relationship between paid advertising and earned media.

Watch the day 2 show report and the day 1 show report for an overview of some of the stuff I saw. Almost everything I mention in the show report videos you’ll find in a subsequent video below. There’s a total of 30 videos.

While I do a lot of live event reporting, understand that ad:tech is a very big conference and there’s no way to feasibly see it all, so these show reports should be titled, “What David got a chance to get around to see in his two days at ad:tech.”

Show report, Day 1: ad:tech NY 2009
Mogreet: Send videos through SMS to reach the largest audience possible
Coin magic from Acxiom
Advertisers are having a new found respect for the consumer
Weaving a better relationship between paid and earned media
FTC’s crackdown on paid bloggers was also a crackdown on paid celebrities
No matter how cool a new media property is, if it isn’t easy to buy it can’t scale
When marketing to the Hispanic community, be wary of cultural sensitivities
Sysomos: Understand the ins and outs of the buzz around your company
Will advertisers be liable if a blogger doesn’t disclose that they’re being paid?
Pangea Media: Target your audience better with fun quizzes
Talk Ahead: Sponsor comments on your blog
Email Data Source now tracking competitive offers via Twitter
Elephant Traffic: Renting space on unused domains
AOL’s display ad network reaches 90% of Internet users
AcrossAir: Augmented reality iPhone applications
Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP: Retail is leading the way in new media advertising
Lyris: Improve messaging management with email, social media, and mobile triple play
Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP: Success is a function of branding and innovation
Ad network tip: How to reduce churn with local small businesses
Afilias: You’ve got back up of your data and your web services. Do you have a back up of your DNS?
Looksmart: Save money and increase ROI with tiered PPC advertising
WPP’s Martin Sorrell: ad spending online isn’t keeping pace with people’s time online
Afilias will help you get your own top level domain name (e.g. .info, .org)
Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP: The need for country managers for worldwide internal communications
Mobile is not a mass shared experience. It’s an individual experience
Hispanic media: Everyone follow what telco is doing
Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP: Doing good is good business for building brands
CoverClicks Media: drive more traffic with social media and holiday traffic

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One thought on “Highlights from ad:tech New York 2009

  1. David – real nice job with the interviews. I just finished the third one…very good questions. I have a question for you though, did you think that the Expo Hall (not the panels) felt like it was missing it share of innovative companies, and felt like a Trade Show and not a conference? I wrote about this earlier today, and would be interested in your thoughts.