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  • Jennifer

    As we have seen creating a larger community can also bring the larger than life questions to light. Where do freedoms of speech, individual opinion, and offhand comments cross lines.

    It will be very interesting to see as the world community joins together using social media, what happens to the individuals ethics. Group think on a global scale…good or bad?

    Thanks for the insightful article and video.

  • ALeith

    Or put another way, how can I over-intellectualise simple concepts in a verbose manner that may lead funding institutions and others to have confidence in my assertion that I really know what I'm talking about in a way few people have yet considered and while not having anything in the way of specific information or insights to offer be they original or rehashed I should definitely be considered worth of ongoing financial and media support to pursue my interest in asking these kinds of questions that we all think about but that I give more serious attention to on account of my superior intellectual grasp of the complexity of simple relationships where they are extended from the one-to-one and one-to-many to the many-to-many paradigm. Best of Luck.

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