March 3, 2009

Practically painless FeedBurner Google transition

feedburnerDeltina HaySeveral of my clients have expressed concern over having to transfer their RSS feeds from the traditional FeedBurner platform to the new Google Feedburner platform. Google is now requiring that Feedburner users make this transition, so I do recommend doing this right away.

I made the transition myself to make sure there were no surprises along the way before I told others to take the plunge, and I am happy to report that the transition was practically painless. I transferred all of my feeds in one fell swoop and tested both the remote subscriptions and the email subscriptions. I also ran Feed Validator on each feed.

Google has done a fine job of making the process as painless as possible.

Here is all you should need to do as long as you don’t use the MyBrands feature:

1. Make sure you have a Google Adsense account before you start, or at least a Gmail account.
2. Go to the way you always do, and you will see a screen like this:

3. Select the option that applies to you, and click next.
4. The next screen will show you a list of all your feeds and prompt you to confirm the transfer:


5. And the final screen will (hopefully) show your success:


My main concern was that Google would have changed the platform unrecognizingly, but they did not. It is pretty much the same platform with a couple things missing: Site Stats is gone, which makes sense because Google Analytics does the same thing, and the FeedBurner Ad network has been replaced by Adsense:


I did notice that my subscription count looked a little low at first, but that seemed to clear up in a couple days – even improved some.

You can find out more on the Google Feedburner Transition FAQ .
Deltina Hay, a partner in, is an author and educator who develops online curricula on social media and other Internet marketing topics. She also helps businesses prepare their content for semantic search and big data analysis. Contact her, follow her on Twitter and Google Plus, or leave a comment below.

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