February 9, 2017

3 killer ways to create & curate social content

Chris Dlugosz / Creative Commons BY

Attract customers by building a relationship with your audience

Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, Web publishers, video producers, freelance journalists.

Post by Megan Totka

MeganTotkaAfew years ago, the catchphrase “content is king” sprouted up, sending marketers into a content creation frenzy. Now, there’s more than enough content available online to take us through the next eon! So marketers have to find other ways to interact with that content.

The result? Content curation. It’s the perfect counterpart to creating content: by sharing other useful articles, videos, and blog posts with your audience, you build a relationship with them that isn’t 100% all about your brand. And that, in turn, helps you build trust and connections with your audience. Continue reading

February 2, 2017

3 ways to promote your YouTube channel


Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, Web publishers, video producers

Post by Megan Totka

MeganTotkaIf you’ve posted a video to YouTube and it doesn’t get a single view, it’s basically like it doesn’t exist. There are times this does happen, unfortunately, and it is quite frustrating. The platform sees a lot of action – nearly 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. This makes it challenging for businesses that aspire to get their message out to the public. How to get your videos seen?

As a rapidly growing number of businesses home in on creating video content, it becomes essential that you find ways to make your brand stand out from the others so it doesn’t get lost in the noise. It takes time and skill to promote your YouTube channel, and making sure you do it well makes the difference between your content hearing crickets or getting a standing ovation.

Take a look at these three ways you can use YouTube video promotion and make sure your videos shine bright. Continue reading

January 25, 2017

6 mobile app trends to watch in 2017


Post by Andrew Gazdecki

andrew-gazdecki-mugWith the first few weeks of 2017 behind us, now feels like the best time to look at how mobile apps are going to change throughout the year.

Mobile has made a big splash over the past five years, but there are still many businesses that are hesitant to invest in a mobile development strategy of their own. Small business owners are especially skeptical of mobile apps because of the assumed high price for these business tools. If you are such an owner and do not already have a mobile strategy in the works, your New Year Resolution for 2017 should be to discover how to build an app for an affordable price.

Here are six trends that will impact mobile and contribute to its continuously staggering growth.


The year of the small business app

1The last couple of years have been named the Year of Mobile for various reasons. If there had to be a title for 2017, it’d likely be the Year of the Small Business App. Thanks to app building platforms, small businesses can use the best app makers for an affordable price. Despite their low cost, these apps still have a lot of the functions and design elements as those produced for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This means that small businesses can finally compete with larger companies that have already been in the mobile game for a while. That said, there is going to be a considerable rush by these small businesses to hit the mobile world faster than their competitors, which means you shouldn’t wait any longer to start putting a mobile development plan into action.

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January 17, 2017

How to create mobile-friendly content with Google’s AMP

How Accelerated Mobile Pages can fuel your mobile marketing strategy

Target audience: Businesses, brands, mobile marketers, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers.

Post by Anna Rodriguez

annaA lot has been said about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and how it affects business owners, startups and digital marketers. AMP is a Google-backed open-source project that launched last February as an open standard to make it easier for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices.

In an increasingly mobile world, AMP is a tool or open source framework that speeds up browsing when you’re using a mobile phone or or tablets. Think of it an easy way to build lightweight web pages. Continue reading

January 12, 2017

Tips to boost your video marketing (infographic)


Post by Take 1 Transcription

Studies show that 69 percent of consumers would choose video over text to learn about a product or service. So are you doing all you can to give your business’s video marketing a boost? Here are some tips to enhance your video marketing.

Videos should have a unique message and should include ingredients that promote social sharing. Keep in mind that stand-alone videos can’t rank highly by themselves: Search engines can’t tell what’s inside the videos so they index only the text on your page. So you need to use an effective description with keywords in the title tag. With the proper use of SEO elements, your video can reach a larger audience. Continue reading

January 3, 2017

How to convert blog visitors to social media followers

Post by Adi Englander


It’s obvious that when you have more social media followers it will automatically result in more blog traffic as more people will reshare your posts and click on the links you share.
But Hubspot wanted to confirm this so they conducted a study and found that as sites gain more Twitter followers and Facebook fans, they also gain more traffic as their Alexa Rank goes up.

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